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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

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Bent valves???? That's a first.

Got my KLR rig up and running, plan to take it to Colorado too. Thanks for letting me steal some of your mod ideas. See you there.

Just a note on the topic of local beer. For those of you who travel with a Growler there is a small brewery in Paonia, the next town over. I've always found a full one makes the campsite so much more like home. 😉

George, this thread is all about the 2015 Rally. 2015!

The thread for the 2016 rally is here -- 2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

Revolution Brewing is indeed located in Paonia, about a 13-minute ride from the 2016 rally HQ (according to Google.)

I wonder if Joe ever got this rig running again?

Didn't see Joe in Hotchkiss this year, so........... ??

Hey CC Jon!

I haven't seen any posts from you over on SS for a while...

It was fun last year meeting you and all the gang....this year I'll be at Sturgis with my Ural Solo.

Yeah I often wonder how that all turned out for Joe, what a super guy.

Take care Jon!

tx2sturgis - 7/25/2016 6:37 PM

I wonder if Joe ever got this rig running again?

Yep it up and running, now a 705 with cams and carb work all done. I only cost about $3,000. The doohickey failed and the balance chain slapped around and caused the cam chain to jump and that is what bent the valves, so fix those doohickey's before it is too late.

I had a stroke the 1st of June so I had to miss Hotchkiss but still waiting on my t-shirts That I had ordered.

Thanks for asking, Joe

Moved on to a different pasture after I sold Da'mit the URAL. Bought, rode and sold Da'mu the killer whale GoldWing rig.

Now playing with a KLR650 cargo rig while Claude builds me a serious RTW Vstrom sidecar camper, though I most likely won't go RTW. Trans-Canada - Alaska would be a nice shake-down loop.... in 2017?

Next years USCA rally will be in Corning, NY, guaranteed to be cooler than Hotchkiss...

Here is a suggestion for breaking in the new rig. There is a new road being constructed north on Inuvik, NWT to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. I am considering a June or July trip to ride it in 2017.

In addition, the road is a key supply line for Tuktoyaktuk and the hamlet of Aklavik. It is part of the Dempster Highway. The rest of the Dempster Highway is on land and can be driven on through the summer. Construction of an all-weather highway between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk commenced in April 2013.
Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia › wiki › Tuktoyaktuk_Winter...
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There was a request to unfreeze this thread so it has been done. That said, if you want to have a lengthy discussion, particularly one that really isn't about the 2015 rally, maybe it would be a good idea to move it to a better place. No one looking for threads about burnt valves will come looking for it here.

To Joe Kelly and CCJon, and any others who wish to visit about our experience at the 2015 USCA Rally at Sturgis, or possibly get updates about what all is happening lately, including the KLR situation, then lets please move our discussion over to this thread, which is a bit stale, but it certainly has the correct title already, and we can revive it hopefully without issue.

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