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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

“2015 Monumental USCA National Rally”

When: June 25-26-27, 2015 This is the beginning of the Black Hills tourist season so the summer rates will not be at their peak. The weather will be cool and moderate. (Disclaimer: This is a Mountain Climate region, anything can happen.)

Where: Elkview Campground 5 miles east of Sturgis, South Dakota. The camp ground is just off exit #37 off Interstate 90. This campground can accommodate 2000 plus campers with shaded tent camping to full service RV sites. There is a laundry and plenty of showers. There is a large pavilion with food service and additional tents for just hanging out.. Reservation can be made by phone after April 1. Call 877 478 5162

What?? We will be sharing the facility with a Blue Grass Music event. Your USCA rally wrist band will allow attendance to any of their concerts. We have left the Friday evening schdule open. The concert begins at 6:30pm with 6 groups and ends when they get tired.

Rally Name: “The Monumental Rally”. This is in keeping with Mt Rushmore and the South Dakota state slogan “Great Faces and Great Places”.

The Rally Theme: “It's about the Ride” There will be guided and self guided rides through some of the best scenery and unique roads in middle America. Think-- switch backs. pigtail bridges and tunnels. We encourage you to come early or stay longer as there is more to do in the Black Hills then can be done in three days.

keep Watch: As Details develop, we will be adding to this thread.

Share the news: Share this information with our non-internet members and friends.

Call for Rally volunteers. We already have a few volunteers!!!!

Sidecar Games---We have the famous JR. He says there will be games for every one.

Door Prizes--- There are local people working the local businesses. Other door prizes
are always welcome. We Have a large number of "SMALLS" Don't know of any "BIGS" Bring what you have. It would be great to have something for every one.

50/50 pot-- You have guessed it----Avenell---- has offered to manage it. The proceeds will go to a group of disadvantaged girl that build sidecars. Read the article in March April Sidecarist. Google KlockWorks.

Registration---Al has offered guidance- Data entry for walk-ins, Cashier, general helpers
Thursday 6-9:00pm -- Friday 8-12:00am --Saturday maybe

Tour Leaders---You don't need to be a local if you can read a map. I would like to have
several so we can travel in small groups.
We have two Ural guys that have offered to lead Ural tours. We have seen interest from Ural groups.

Coffee and Lunch Stuff-- Doris Short with 17 years in college food service will be in
charge but will need some help. Coffee opens at 7:00am and runs till the
doughnuts run out, Ice tea goes forever.

Photographer-- 1 photographer for Sidecarist pictures and
1 photographer to take formal pictures. We have arrange for a photo-op in front of Mt. Rushmore. Now we need a good Photographer.
Rally will furnish materials and printers if necessary.

Clean-up-- Help us leave our camp area cleaner then when we arrived.

I know it might be early but if you are interested in helping to make the Monumental Rally
a success, Respond to this tread and I will keep a record going. You may respond as
Leaders, Followers, or Complete Committees

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Thanks, Will. I didn't realize how far down on the page I had to go to get to "the toggle".

It appears that you guys on the inside have to dig deep to find the "actions". For us outsiders it is only one action and it is right below "reply" and " new thread". In any case there will be additions as the whim strikes or real information arises. Comments and questions are welcome. Harold in the Hills

Looking forward to the rally, Thanks,


Hi Marty:
We look forward to meeting you. We are excited to share our great riding roads with all of the USCA folks.

Should be a good rally, I have been spreading the news.


Thanks Dana!! We appreciate the help.

Any hotel suggestions for the non-campers?