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2014 Velorex Model 563 Cruiser Sidecar

2014 Black Velorex Model 563 Cruiser Sidecar. Great Condition. Asking $2,500.00 . Sidecar is located in Jacksonville, NC. Please PM for pictures.

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Still for sale?

Do you have any subframe with this chair? What was the tug?

Geoff in CT

Is it still for sale? What about freight to Puerto rico?

Yes, I still have the sidecar. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I dont see sold so is it still available??


where is windshield??  does it have top and tonneau cover??


my email is      thanks, ron  ps ed is my middle name.

I'll try again.  Is sidecar still for sale??

  does it have windshield, tonneau cover, complete top and all hook ups??

please let me know , thanks, Ron Snow   if yes let's talk soon and maybe make a deal.  phone number from me next.