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2014 Ural Gatherings others welcome

I have set the dated for the 2014 3x3x3 and ACTUrAL gatherings. They seem to get listed on here some how so I thought I'd do it myself for a change.

Even though it is based on the Urals and other Soviet based motorcycles we never turn anyone away. We even allow two wheelers to join in. Just be aware that my Ural is not always happy when it has to stay on smooth paved roads. Even though I try to take roads that most in the group would enjoy. If most of the people who show up have their bikes w@$h and w@xed then I tend to stay more on hard surfaced roads. I also try to maintain speeds where the slowest driver in the group is comfortable.

The rides base out of a motel that Nancy and I select and them spend the weekend riding loops around the area returning to the motel each evening. We try and make sure that there is a camp ground in the area for those that are so inclined. We try and stay in motels that most people can afford but are not bug infested. We try and keep the nightly room prices in the $50 range give or take.

There is no fees charged for these gatherings. These gatherings are just a group of friends (old and new) that want to ride together for the weekend. You may want to buy a new belt before the weekend though, as we tend to eat well.

Ok now for the dates:

The 3x3x3 (three wheels, three states, three days) will be held June 6, 7, and 8, 2014. As of right now we are thinking about gathering in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

The ACTUrAL (Apples, Cheese, Touring, UrALs)will be held Sept 26, 27, and 28, 2014. The location for this gathering is still up in the air but one place maybe Atlantic, Iowa again.

Any questions can be sent to me