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2013 Motorvation Formula II sidecar for sale

Loaded 2013 sidecar.  Motorvation Formula II in Holden MO near Kansas City.  It has all options.  Electric Tilt, convertible top, bumper, windshield, flip nose, chrome wheel, headlight, turn signal, tonneau cover, self contained brake, mounts for harley ultra, and a Vulcan.  It is a great car very roomy.  It is mounted to a 2015 Ultra right now which i would sell it together as well.  $5000 or best offer for the hack.  $20,000 for sidecar and the bike.  call me or text me.  330-795-0482.  Delivery could be possible depending on where you live maybe at a fee.  If you want it shipped I can meet the truck or help out getting it to the truck for shipping as needed.  

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We understand that you want to sell your rig.  You came here just a few days ago and might not understand that cross posting is not allowed here.  Most of the ads that you posted to have response methods listed.  You should use them.  If you continue to massively cross post, your posts will be removed.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I apologize wasn't trying to cause problems or massive cross post.  I just listed the car on the cars only and the rig on complete rig. Because i will sell it either way.  And it is two different ways.  those are the only two listings i posted.  

You've made six posts, two to offer your rig or sidecar, three where you answered specific posters offering your items because they are looking for items similar to yours. We actually read this stuff.  People list contact information, use it.  If they don't list a way to receive responses, they won't get any responses. 

From here on this is general stuff, not aimed at Mr Pugh.

Many people come here JUST one time to sell something and often, for some reason I don't understand, never come back.  Not even to see if anyone asked a question or made an offer.  We welcome those folks even though they don't support the site by being members of the USCA.  All we ask is that they follow the rules.  They're pretty simple...

For Items for sale - Listing must include the price, location and any special terms of sale.  Smart listers will also add a description of the item and A WAY FOR FOLKS TO CONTACT YOU, like an email address or a phone number.  This site does not support instant messaging.

Posting in general - Please make your posts at least tangentially sidecar related.  No politics or religion.  No cross posting. No ads for services not directly related to motorcycle sidecars. No SPAM or cross posting, most regular users here read by accessing either the "activity" tab or the "Unread Topics" tab.  Very little goes by unnoticed by the users. No name calling or flame wars will be tolerated. No whining if your post gets deleted, we had a reason and it was probably listed earlier in this paragraph.

There have only been TWO people banned from this site in the almost twenty years of it's existence but we remember how to do it.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

You can take my posts off and cancel my membership.  I buy and sell lots of bike stuff.  I always answer people correctly and safely.  Since you feel it necessary to make threats to me when all i did was list something and reply to peoples posts with stuff that matched what they are looking for I see that is not a crime.  If others do not do the right thing that is on them.   But I am not 5 years old and do not treated as such. Sorry this is you attitude Mr Olme.  As a sidecar enthusiast I was happy to join this group and hopefully be somewhat active and attend events.  But it is supposed to be fun.  Getting yelled at isn't fun so Thank you for your time and concern.  I will no longer darken your doorsteps Mr Olme or the door step of United Sidecar Assn.   

Mr. Pugh,

Did you miss the part where I said, "From here on this is general stuff, not aimed at Mr Pugh."  I repeat this stuff about three times a year because it never reaches everybody.  It isn't meant personally and I pointedly didn't include you when I said it.

It's not my doorway, it's the USCA's doorway and if you are angry with me please don't paint the USCA with the same brush.  Don't give up on the USCA, come to the center of the club and help run things.  Make changes that improve the club, don't just leave.  Find a volunteer to replace me.  I've been trying to give away this volunteer position for several years.  No hard feelings, I'm just tired.



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota