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2012 Laughlin River Run - Arizona

Anybody riding out to the River Run? April 25, 2012 thru April 29th. Live just across the river. Drop me a message if you need a place to stay or just stop by for a beverage and a place to regain your sanity.
Shanda and Dave

Hi Shanda,
My name is Chris, my wife's Lorelei. We live in Kingman, Az., and ride an HD Softail with a Champion Legend sidecar. We will be going to some of the Laughlin event venues on the 25th--27th but returning home at night. The 28th we will be staying in Kingman for some of the other events. If you and Dave feel like getting together any of these days let me know. 253-459-2424

Chris, it was nice to get a response from someone that is so close to where I live. Will definitely give you a call this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you and Lorelei and seeing your rig. I have so many questions that perhaps you can answer for me. I have never actually known anyone that had a sidecar.

Good to hear back from you. I will try to answer whatever questions you might have. I've been riding a sidecar rig for 4 years, made a few 1000+ mile cross country trips and a quite few shorter ones as well. Have probably made most of the mistakes you can make, and eagerly await the next "learning experience." A good place to learn from other people is at a sidecar rally. I don't know how long you have been on this forum, but in February there is a rally in Yuma. In November(?) there is a rally @ Griffith Park in Los Angeles. It's purported to be the largest rally. My wife and I rode to LA for the rally but health problems got in the way of attending. There is a downside to riding a sidecar rig. Everywhere you stop and everywhere you drive you will have people stopping you to talk about the rig, or hanging out the window of a car matching your speed while they take pictures! 🙂


Well the Laughlin run has come to a close. Only saw 4 or 5 rigs. Many, many trikes. The stats are not in yet but it looked to me that there were more people than last year. Police presence not as obvious but I heard that for every one you saw in uniform there were 3 undercover. At any rate, the run seemed to go smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time. Met Chris and Lorelei. Thank you so much for stopping by and answering my questions. It was a pleasure to met you both and Penny. I hope that we can get together in the near future. Maybe do a lunch destination ride.