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2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic/ CSC Freedom II SE car


Selling my sidecar rig. I'm the second owner. I have a couple of other Kawasaki Vulcan 1500s, and have found them to be great bikes, so I jumped at the chance to buy this rig (from the first owner). The original owner added an after-market exhaust and a Power Commander, and I added a Kuryakyn Hypercharger, so it runs stonger than stock. I recently added a 5-point harness for the sidecar passenger. I had Freedom Sidecars, LLC change the stock triple clamps to a set from Hannigan, so the handling is great. I also had them add a disc brake to the sidecar wheel; it (along with the rear wheel on the bike) is operated by the brake pedal. Stopping with this set-up is straighter, and much shorter, than before. I replaced the wimpy little stock windshield with a bigger one (from Clearview); the buyer can take the original shield as well as the new one. I replaced the latches for the top of the sidecar; a fender-bender had damaged them. New tires last year on the motorcycle. Lots of records for servicing and work of various sorts. I'll try to post pictures; it looks a little dusty from winter storage (in my garage, on a trickle charger). The pictures show the original snap-on cover; I had new clear plastic zip-in windows made, and the cover and windows kept my passenger dry in a downpour at Americade last year. (Me, not so much.) Price also includes a nice big set of Saddlemen saddle bags. Dependable, powerful, easy to ride. Why am I selling? Bought it to give rides to my daughter; she's now 9, and rides behind me on the 2-wheeler. So I'm getting rid of some bikes. Asking $10,000, negotiable; I'm no longer using it, and and I need the garage space, so I'm hoping to see someone buy and use it this season, so let's talk. Payment in full before I turn it over. It is inspected, registered, and insured, it is ready to go. I would not hesitate to ride it home from here, wherever home is. Will work with you and your shipper, if you want to go that route. Steve, (607) 742-9678. E-mail

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How many miles on the bike?

Sorry, my bad. Just under 24,500. Might go up a little this year if I use it, but I don't think I'll use it much.

Where is it located? There was a guy from Virginia looking for an easy in/out rig his wife would like, and imo that would be perfect.

Sayre, PA. Right by the PA border with NY, between Binghamton NY and Elmira NY.

Anybody know how to contact the guy from Virginia? I'd like to offer him a discount.

Steve, I am the guy in Virginia and that is a nice looking rig. I will talk to the wife.

Wild Bill:
Let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to see any more photos. I am not looking to fund my retirement with the profit on this rig-- in fact I'm expecting to take a loss (as is usually the case-- and that's okay, I see the loss as the "user fee" from when I was enjoying the rig). I am hoping that someone else will be able to enjoy this rig, and I'd be especially glad to know it's someone from USCA, the people who really understand how much fun sidecar rigs are. So I'm flexible on the price.


This is an absolutely beautiful rig! How does it handle on the highway?

I sent you a PM.