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2007 Goldwing/Hannigan GTL Again! $13,500

I bought this rig from the owner who bought it from the poster just a few posts down. His original YouTube video is still up so anyone who hasn’t seen it, can still watch it.
The bike is exactly the same with about 3000 additional miles. I did a fly & ride from VA., the bike runs flawlessly. There were a couple minor issues I’ve resolved. The top would not stay up so I replaced the lid support and the lock to the car trunk was broken, so I had that replaced. While at Hannigan, I had the car realigned & checked out. 
The bike has about 103,000 but no issues. Everyone knows how long a Wing will last. Located in Peoria, IL. 309-573-3696

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Kevin, Wings make great rigs, to help the buyers, please include price, location and contact info in your ad.




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Thane LewisFlyingMonkeys

I have seen this rig in person, at the USCA National Rally in Iowa this past week, and spent some time talking with the owner, Kevin, about his rig.

It is all that it claims to be, and would make someone a very nice sidecar rig.

It's located in Peoria, Illinois, and is priced at $ 13,500.00

The owner/seller...Kevin, is a very nice man, and only ate a small handful of the 380 donut HOLES that we had available at the Rally.

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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents


New front tire. Bridgestone BT 46 rear running the opposite direction. Also had sidecar & front wheel bearings checked. No issues at all. Rear tire is a run flat with very low mileage. This bike is ready to travel the country!

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This rig, at $ 13,500.00 is half the price it would cost someone to find and buy a '07 Wing, then have Hannigan build and attach a GTL sidecar to the bike.

Good deal...waiting for a smart buyer.

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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents