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2007 BMW R1200GSA DMC Utility

    1. Sale: 2007 BMW R1200GSA DMC Utility

      I bought this GSA 8 years ago. A great Fly n Ride to Boise for pickup.
      4 years ago I sourced a DMC Utility,  then added a DMC subframe kit. Then hauled it to Canada for some professional installation.
      I built this to haul light motorcycles and scooters, as well as a utility rig.
      It has less than 80k miles currently.
      It does have a salvage title. PO had a get off and dinged the frame at the left passenger peg 10 ish years ago.
      It has been reliable. It had a driveshaft fail over the late winter. Now rebuilt with a serviceable Beemershop unit.

      Ohlins front and rear shocks. Rear is installed, front is not. Stock shock in the front currently.
      Fender mounted tail light has not been wired. The right heated grip is inop. The rear tire is 70% worn.
      LEDs in place of the GSA halogen fog lights.
      Kaoko throttle lock.
      It has ginormous Jesse cases.
      High seat.
      Heidenau Scout tires.
      Lined aluminum truckbox.
      Hinged/removable full width expanded metal ramp for the utility bed.

      I bet there is more bits that I have forgotten.

      $8500 will get you the rig. May separate the unit. (Scooter not included).
      Located in Ashland, Oregon.

      IMG_20180903_150207_869.jpg 20180210_174721.jpg

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That is an interesting set up, we don't see cargo box / scooter carrier rigs too often.



Thanks, I used it as a truck. My wife and older dog didn't want a ride, ever.

She has reconsidered, as there is a new pup that is the light of our lives that really likes the new Hannigan rig that is replacing this one..

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still have it? Taking offers? does the sidecar have a brake?


It is available. No brake.

Offer considered, but there has been several parties showing interest. Best way to contact me:



$8250. Come and get a good deal.

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