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2006 National


Has it been decided where and when the 2006 National is?

We are in final discussions with the campground at Eureka Springs, AR. It probably will bethe weekend before the 4th of July. As soon as things are firmed up , we will let everyone know.

Yahoo! That's close enough for a Texan to get to.

The National is going to be at Beaver Town Recreational Park in
Beaver Arkansas. July 13 thru 16, 2006. Beaver is 6 miles North of
Eureka Springs. More details to follow!

Arkansas the "natural state"

Eureka Springs Features:

*Outstanding local Victorian architecture.
*The Great Passion Play.
*Wonderful shopping and dining experiences for all tastes.
*Healthful mineral waters
*Very Motorcycle friendly tourist destination.
*Some of the best road riding in the country.
*One hour to Branson, MO
*30 hotel rooms 4 minutes from the site at Holiday Island (working on a group

Here are some links for you to check out concerning this beautiful area.

Eureka Springs Arkansas:

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Beaver Arkansas:

Other Attractions:

Home Page- Time to plan

The GreatPassion Play
We will look into group pricing for the interested....

From The Great Passion Play folks:

I would like to welcome you and extend a special invitation to The Great Passion Play. We continue to be America’s #1 attended outdoor drama, having completed our 38th season. Over seven million people have witnessed the epic drama of The Great Passion Play. While pleased with these accomplishments, we continue to improve the quality of the experiences for our visitors. We are especially excited about the addition of the new Museum of Earth History on our grounds (description below).

In addition to the Passion Play drama, plan to experience as much as you can of the following:

The increasingly popular New Holy Land tour, featuring over 30 full scale exhibits set on fifty acres, is a unique blend of recreated Bible sites, Bible history and storytelling that transports our guests back to Bible times.

The Bible Museum is a premier collection if over 10,000 manuscripts, including some very rare and valuable pieces. The Museum also features a 20 minute video presentation of the history of the English Bible.

The Sacred Arts Center features a collection of sacred-themed art including masterpieces and unique, remarkable works in a variety of mediums.

Opened with our 2005 season, the all new Museum of Earth History features a spectacular collection of full-scale dinosaur skeletons such as appear in world-class museums, as well as other fossil specimens and artifacts. The Museum also has a 400 gallon aquarium with interesting sea-life. The Museum will document the creation account of the Holy Scriptures.

The Great Passion Play Restaurant is designed to serve groups quickly and efficiently.

Free things to see and do include a visit to the Christ of the Ozarks Statue (tallest memorial statue of Christ in North America, second tallest in the World), the Berlin Wall section, and the Parable of the Potter.

As an added value, admission to the Bible Museum and Sacred Arts Center is included with purchase of any ticket to The Great Passion Play performance or New Holy Land tour, or you may pay admission to each museum at the door if you are not planning to experience The Great Passion Play or New Holy Land tour.

HI Joyce, I called and left a message but haven't heard back.
I would love to help with this since I live about 2 hours from
there. My favorite is to do the sidecar games, and my daughter
Alice would love to do the Children's games (she's been doing
them for twenty year 😉

Can you give me more specfics on location? My British car
club would like to make the Sat. events part of their day.


Beth Mattson

Gee Beth, I never got the message! I'm so sorry but volunteers are still needed and it will be great to see you again. At this time we don't have a volunteer to hold the sidecar games. Send me an email