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2006 National


do we have a date and location for the 2006 National ? inquiring minds want to

thanks for asking fly, don't tell anyone but it's at your house, and their will be free beer. LOL
sorry just kidding no one has steped up to the plate yet.

Dave, your offer to supply free beerfor the 2006 National is very generous. i hope the new board of directors accepts

All kidding aside, we are looking for a site for 2006. Anyone with ideas please contact any Board member. Rallies are a lot of fun and one could be close to you. They are family orientated events, something you can bring the entire family to. It is not to early to start planning for next year.

All kidding aside #2 ..I noticed Fly did not say no to the rally being at his house.

did you notice mrs. fly didn't say

If we can't twist Mrs. Fly's arm. What do you think of Ron-de-voo III and piggy back USCA national 2006?

How about Eureaka Springs Arkansas? Lake Leatherwood 1 mile from town for the rally site.

would U be able to spearhead a rally their, we would need someone near the site to set things up.


Possibly, send me a list of normal responibilities for this duty. Arkansas is within my 7 state professional territory and I normally visit the area 4 times professionaly and 4 times recreationaly a year. Eureka is about 4.5 hours from where I reside. Plus I do know the area very well and have in-law relatives in the Bentonville area. So it may be possible. I have to eval time management and professional responsibilities against the rally duties.

Jim Doyle