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2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 with Upgraded Inder Sidecar $5500 - Sold

Update: Sold, thanks


2006 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad VN1600 with Inder Sidecar (w/ Upgraded Frame)
45,350 mi
Johnson City, TN

Rig was purchased from user on this forum (can't find his username now, only showing up as "guest" on the original for sale thread) about 2 years ago. The sidecar frame and mounting hardware been upgraded from the stock to be more robust and handle the weight of the Vulcan. This includes upgrading the wheel to a higher load trailer tire. Parts and modifications were done by previous owner with consultation and parts from Motorvation. No leading link setup or anything. He sold to me as an "beginner rig" for someone who wants to try out sidecar motorcycling without significant $ investment and I would agree with that.

The bike itself includes foot boards with heel/toe shifting, hard-shell saddlebags, 2-speaker stereo system, driver back rest, passenger back rest, top box (exchanges with passenger back rest), auxiliary headlights, and aftermarket exhaust with FI mapping add-on (added by previous owner). I've enjoyed riding the rig around, but I'm thinking of transitioning my son to 2-up riding and would like to use the money for an '85 300zx my dad wants to sell me.

Alternatively, if anyone is interested in just the sidecar, I'd be open to that as well. If you need more info, let me know. I can try to take more picture of the mounting setup, frame, etc. I can be reached at

Pictures at:

Looking for some advice... I've had a few people ask about just selling the sidecar. I wasn't really sure what a reasonable price was, so I've been asking $2000, assuming it would be negotiated down to somewhere between $1500 and $1800. Is this unreasonably high for the sidecar? I just don't have a lot to base it on. Many of the units in the "Sidecar only" forum were more, but I know that mine is not as nice as many of those. Thanks!

Brandon, my opinion is worth what you paying for it....  Nada. But you asked...

In the photos, the sidecar looks as if it was slapped together with mis-matched left over pieces from various projects. No fender, an incomplete homebuilt. Tub is mismatched size wise with the sidecar frame.  It begs the question is this even safe to ride in or to drive at any speed? From the build quality of the sidecar, then arises the question of quality in the bike sub-frame and attachments. Are they any safer?

I see no problem with the Vulcan, but the sidecar..... the appearance is enough to make any buyer leery, at any price. There might be buyers for the sidecar frame without the tub ($600) and others looking for just a tub ($500). IMHO.


No offense taken. The rig is definitely a retrofitted lower end car and is not as nice as many of the others the dedicated sidecar enthusiasts on this forum have. It was sold to me as an intro rig and I think that's the purpose it served. I have no concerns about the safety of the rig. It's tough, but it's not pretty. I've adjusted my expectations based on yours and other's feedback. I have found some people interested in the $1000 price range. Hopefully I can get it, or the whole rig sold.