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SOLD 2005 Suzuki Bandit with Hannigan Bandito HP sidecar

Sold    2005 Suzuki Bandit mated to a Hannigan Bandito sidecar. A High Performance (HP) sidecar rig, with center hub steering, alloy car wheels and tires fitted on all corners. Disc brakes on all three wheels with a heavy duty anti-sway bar. The tires have been replaced within the last couple of years.  Oil is changed with synthetic twice a year, and brakes bled every two to three years. 

Over $2,000 in upgrades to the rig, including:  

Hella Projector LED headlights, and LED Sidecar headlights. 

Upgraded running light/turn signal installed on the sidecar with a flashing brake light bulb on the bike. 

Holeshot Stage 1 exhaust pipe (included but not installed)

Zero Gravity touring windscreen with a Vario Touring windshield spoiler.

Holeshot performance top end oiling kit, stage 1 carburetor jet kit, ignition advance.

Mirror extenders, and touring handlebars (with longer hydraulic lines and throttle cables).

Custom Russel Daylong and stock Suzuki saddles. 

Tonneau cover in light orange and a black spare tonneau cover, that has not had the snaps installed yet. 

Suzuki workshop manual for the cycle and owner’s manual included.


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Located in Knoxville Tennessee


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Exactly what I am looking for...