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SOLD 2003 Harley Road King Classic

I live in Gainesville, Ga about 50 miles north of Atlanta. I have owned this 100th Anniversary since 2006 and I purchased it with 300 miles on it. Currently has about 4500 miles on it. New Harley Dunlop rear tire and other two tires are original. All fluids changed religiously using synthetic oil in the engine and Harley Formula + in the transmission and primary. This is 1 of 12 sold by Harley Davidson that year. Has electronic cruise and security as delivered when new. I have added a Dynojet Power Commander, Supertrapp slip ons, and Harley Screaming Eagle air filter. All stock parts included. Other accessories are the Harley quick detach backrest, Harley Nostalgic grips, Harley saddlebag guards, and various Harley Davidson chrome accessories. All stock parts including exhaust and air filter included. More pictures here ->




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Has this been sold?

Just sold it

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Those slip on fishtail pipes are sweet!

Congratulations, glad you sold it, would you please edit the thread title. I've clicked it twice in one evening :norton.

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