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2002 Escort sidecar brake lights

2002 Escort sidecar on a 1994 Honda Goldwing GL1500 SE.  Brake light on sidecar is out, no power at the pigtail in the brake light hole, where the sidecar plugs into the bike, on the bike side.  Any suggestions, tip, ideas?  Thanks,  Tracy

Hi Tracy,

Seems like maybe you might need to get down to basics.... I'd wrap a small bungee around the front brake lever so the brake light switch is powered on, then use a test light and trace the wire back to where you do have power. That will give you a clue to where the break in the circuit is. Might be at a plug connection, a faulty wire or who know what? On my FXD/Spalding I had no lights on the sidecar fender. I found where the wire had been routed inside the fender and the tire had rubbed completely through. Rerouted the wires.... Good luck!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Tom gave good advice.  Easiest and simplist thing to try before running down wires is to unplug the connector between the bike and hack, check the pins/socket for corrosion, and plug them back together.