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(Sold)2002 BMW K1200LTC with Hannigan Classic Sidecar in Southern Minnesota Price Drop $9,500

Up for sale is my 2002 black BMW K1200LTC with 58,800 miles mated to a black Hannigan Classic sidecar.  I purchased the sidecar from the original owner’s estate in 2015.  I then bought the 2002 BMW with 48,000 miles on it to mate to the sidecar.  I purchased Hannigan mounts along with a front fork trail reducing kit, the electric camber adjusting setup, and a rear car wheel adapter kit from Claude Stanley at Freedom Sidecars LLC.  Before mounting the sidecar, I did a few upgrades and maintenance items including:


New front and rear Wilburs shocks built for the sidecar setup

Serviced the stock steering dampener

Replaced front fork seals and added trail reducer

All brake hoses replaced with Spiegler stainless steel brake lines

Bled complete brake system

Replaced plastic fuel line connectors with plated brass connectors

Mounted new Nankang CX668 P165/80R15 rear car tire a Centerline aluminum wheel  to back of bike

R&R the speedometer and did the circuit board mod to correct the speedometer

Serviced oil and oil filter along with replacing the air filter


I then added the electric camber control setup to the sidecar and mounted the car to the bike with the Hannigan mounts using specs from Claude on lean out, wheel lead, and toe in.


On 10/30/2019 at 56,140 miles I removed the ABS module as it was leaking brake fluid to the rear brake circuit.  I then sent it to a company by the name of Module Masters in Utah and I had it rebuilt (with a 5 year warranty).  This included reinstalling and completely bleeding of the brake system.


The battery was replaced with a Batteries Plus AGM battery on 6/11/2020

The front tire was replaced at 56,878 miles with a Metzler ME888 120/70 B17 58V TL tire on 8/4/2020


The bike is located in the small town of St, James in southern Minnesota and is ready to ride any distance with a clear title in my name.  This is NOT a pristine garage queen rig.  Both the bike and the sidecar have small paint flaws and minor dings.  It still shines up nice and presents well. The bike and sidecar runs down the road straight and true with no wobble.  It will run on I-90 across South Dakota at 80+mph with one hand on the left grip and the cruise set.  It is truly an enjoyable and comfortable combination to ride.  It is priced at $11,000 cash or verifiable bank drafted money order.  Low ball offers will be ignored.  Shipping is not my responsibility.

Reason for selling:  I just bought a 2007 BMW K1200LTC with a Hannigan SP2 sidecar from a fellow that goes by the internet handle of "Drone"

Lots of pictures are available on my SmugMug account:

email is hdgypsyman (at) yahoo (dot) com

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CCjonThane Lewis
USCA # 8968

Hiya, Mike!  Enjoy Drone’s rig.  He really has helped a lot of us get rolling on three wheels.

happy trails!

T&K Lewis

I just returned to Minnesota from my winter "vacation" and dropped the price on this bike.  Too many sidecars in the shed and time to thin the herd.  If it doesn't sell at this price, I may just move the sidecar to my 2011 Roadglide.

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USCA # 8968

Have you sold your sidecar yet?

If you have not would you call me to talk about it? I am in Roanoke VA and like to ask about payment and

getting it to Virginia. My phone number is 540.362.4762

Take care,



I will give you a call after 4:00 central time today and we can talk!

USCA # 8968

Wayne Cassidy and I are working out a deal on my rig.  I have received funds from Wayne so pending final inspection and pickup I will call this bike/sidecar rig sold.

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USCA # 8968

Sweet looking rig. Let me know if I’m the deal falls thru and I would be glad to buy it. 

Wayne and I met up yesterday and he's the proud new owner of the BMW/ Hannigan rig!

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USCA # 8968

I see my name mentioned in Post #1.  Have you posted any pics of the radically different rig you acquired to replace the one you sold in this thread?  

Readers:  "radically different" is an inside joke.  HD Gypsy Man definitely has a "type".

This might ilustrate my "problem"

This might illustrate my "problem"

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DRONEThane LewisDave Skudlarek
USCA # 8968