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(Sold!) 2002 BMW 1200 LT with 2007 Hannagan "LT" car

This is a 2002 BMW K1200 LT mated to a Hannagan “LT” model side car with styling features to give a look and feel of being part of the LT motorcycle’s design.

The motorcycle has been set up to be fully hand controlled with Kliktronics electric shift and fully integrated brake system with anti-lock which is a standard feature of the K1200. These modifications do not eliminate any of the standard controls. The brake systems hydraulics are also coupled to the side car to assure braking on all 3 wheels.  Driving features of the K1200 includes shaft drive, heated grips, power windshield, cruise control, 5 speed transmission, reverse w/knob extension for easy reach and Hannagan’s “Easy Steer” to minimize the force required to steer the bike.  Other features include radio with CD player with speed sensitive volume control, and integral side cases and top case with backrest.  Although not part of the “features”, the bike went through a major inspection.  The rear main seal and clutch were replaced and of course then a full service on the bike. 

The Hannagan car as stated has styling features the mate perfectly with the LT’s design to make a very appealing package.  Hannagan specifically designed the mounting system to fit K1200 LT during the years it was manufactured.  This car was mounted and setup at the Hannagan facility in Murray, Kentucky and was painted to match the motorcycle. Features of the car includes fresh air vents, 3 speed powered vent system, removable lid, large trunk, integrated headlights and tail light/brake lights.  The inside of the car is very roomy with fully adjustable seat position and back rest. The windshield and surrounding support structure hinges up and forward for easy entry.

Current owner is a bilateral above knee amputee.  It is a perfect side car rig for a rider with a lower limb disability.  The side car is an excellent place for her service dog to ride.

The unit is located in DeLand, Florida. 

Asking Price - $10,000

A flatbed trailer capable of hauling the unit is also available for purchase.

Contact: Jim Bedford

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SwampFox and CCjon have reacted to this post.

Wow, that looks like a tremendous deal!

Quick questions -- how many miles on the bike? and what was the bike's mileage when the clutch was replaced?

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Current mileage is just under 65,000.  The clutch and rear main seal were just replaced and probably have 100 miles on them.

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 Where is it located. Sorry found it in post the second time I read it.