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2000 Honda Shadow Spirit with California II car

Asking $4500 it's located in Bellville, TX. The bike had 30k when I bought the rig and the PO said he hadn't drove it much after the car was installed. I drove this for about 9k . I added a tach and the Memphis Shade fairing removable back rest and a windshield for the car.  This bike had a T shapped battery and is at best a poor performer. I have a AGM battery in the car and it works much better. and as it seemed I drove it much more than my GoldWing I elected to have a car put on the Wing and sell the shadow.(the older I get the Wing seemed to get heavier ). This rig is fun to drive but doesn't have the comforts a GoldWing has. And I was told I have to sell the one I don't want to keep.


Don Mitchell

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