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1st year report from Fla state rep

The below is a copy of an e-mail sent to all USCA members that I have e-mail address on in Fla.

"Hello my Sidecaring friends,

As I was putting the 7th “Florida Sidecaring News” in the mail yesterday it came to me that I have been your State Rep to USCA for a bit over a year.

This put me to thinking back over that year as I set and watch the rain. When I took this on I had not been back riding all that long, about 6 months. I had found help in getting a rig together. That was not easy. I had done a bunch of post to sidecar dot com and e-mail any number of the officers of USCA. They had and still do responded to my questions. My questions turned from how to put a rig together and ride it to how USCA work and why Fla had no state rep? The number of members in Fla just did not look right, 33 at the time.

It was at the Nat Rally at Beaver, AR that I heard the thing that made me say yes to giving this State Rep job a try. It was said, “We get a new member and lose an old one and that is just the way it is.” I have never liked this saying and did not know how “We” could change it. But growing up as a boy on a ranch in south Texas was told if you see a problem, something that needs doing it was your job. Tod Parks S/E Regional Director said go for it. Now the wheel is already out there so I do not need to come up with a new one the job is to find it. One of the first people I found that had done a great job as a state rep, there is a number of them, was Tom Hansen on NM. He has taken NM’s membership from 4 to 44 in 4 years and was willing to tell me how he had done it.

It was from his list of things to do that the “Florida Sidecaring News” was born. The next thing on the list and someone ask for it was a get together here in Fla. well last March we had the first “Y’ll Come Rally”. It may not have been the first but it had been so long no one remembers the one before. It was a great Rally because of too many people to name and we are going to do it again. I feel this is where we started to be a real “We bunch.” It showed to at the USCA Nat Rally where Fla was will represented we did not have the most there but was a close 2nd.

Now what is on for the coming year? I have looked at the things that were done and some worked and some did not. The “Florida Sidecaring News” has helped so will continue. I always need Your stories and pictures for this. Because I am adding some things to the list the way you will receive it is going to change for some. Because of Gail Ca state rep there is a much better list of e-mail address. Till now I have been e-mailing “FSN” to a number of people and mailing it to all Fla members by USPS. As you know that cost has gone up one more time so for the people that have e-mail you will only be getting it that way. Now for those that do not have e-mail or I get a kick back will still get it through the USPS. A no response to this e-mail tells me that this OK with you. This will save me a bit of money and a lot of time and the time is the big one. With this time I have plans to make more Rallies here in Fla. I am setting up a booth at the “Run to the heartland” in Sebring, FL in Oct. I have plans to put together a better list of dealers and installers across Fla and this is another one I will need your help on. Please let me know who you use/trust in your part of the state. I get asked a lot.

In closing this report I want to say You/WE have done a great job. Those 33 members of a year ago are now 43 and that is not bad. Maybe that saying “We get a new member and lose an old one and that is just the way it is” does not have to be true."

Happy anniversary! 🙂
Congratulations on your increasing membership. 🙂
Love your positive attitude... I think "things be hapnin" in Florida now!

Drive safe, especially over those bridges...

Richard, thanks so much for sharing this. It should remind us all that with a lot of work and a little vision we could all be changing the future of this club. Here's wishing that next year you report even more members!

The USCA needs a clone machine so we can dispatch some Richards into a few of our other under represented states.

Thank you for the kind words and I am saying that for the Fla membership. There would not be any improvements with out them. They have helped with every project even the one that has not worked out so well. Lol.