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1st time on 3 wheels


I mounted an1996 velorex on my2001 yamaha venture. After finding mounting points & manufacturing mounts, finely got in adjusted&tweeked. She rides well without fighting it.
I can relate to the guy that said it reminded him of riding on a tractor.
I find it simmerly to standing up in a hammock.
I read that the car should weigh1/3 of the tugs weight is this factual.
I am finding it fun to ride,only ridden 35 miles so far. Waiting for temp to get out of the40's & stop raining


Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars, Dick! must be in the Northeast...Im in Maine and its still April here.....:-(......i just put a car on my old XS far so good.......
Post some pictures when you can....

The 1/3 weight is not a rule, just a back of the envelope figure. What you'll find as you drive your rig is that the car must counter-weight the bike since the bike can't lean anymore. It's particularly obvious on right turns. If the car is too light, you will have to ballast the hell out of the car to make it safe. Too heavy and you will have a LOT of yaw when accelerating and stopping.

TIP: don't use humans or animals to ballast your car while you learn.
TIP2: NEVER refer to your wife as ballast!

Really, A Velorex on a Venture? The Velorex was designed for a 350cc bike. In 1996 it they ran a 15mm axle which is known to fail. This is not a combination we would consider safe nor ever be willing to do or even help you up grade. To light weight and light duty of a sidecar for a bike as large as yours. It should never have been done. Your safety and the safety of every one you share the road with depends on the sidecar being done in a safe manner. Proper handling also requires a proper match up between the bike and sidecar.
Sidecars are a lot of fun and can be safer then a two wheeled bike. Your sidecar can be a fun sidecar but should really be on a much smaller lighter bike. The last Velorex I owned for my own use came factory attached to a MZ which was a 500cc single and still required ballast. This was a sweet riding nicely matched rig. The last Velorex we mounted was one we took off of a far to large bike and mounted it onto a Vespa.
FYI here is a link to how we up grade the Velorex to go on bikes that are pushing the envelope of what we consider safe but still with in safe limits
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Dick....welcome to the forum and to sidecars. you did what I did for your first sidecar venture (pun not intended). first off, to be safer at this point, consider adding ballast if you have not already done so. I run 100 pounds of weight in my Nomad/sidecar. second, can you post up some pictures? I'd love to see the setup you are running, but also interested in how the connections were done to your bike. We can probably all help you more if we can see some pics (to save 1000 words, right? lol)

2 to 3 wheels - 6/6/2017 5:59 PM
Waiting for temp to get out of the40's & stop raining

Where do you find 40's in June? Alaska? North pole?

I live south of Boston ma. Getting warmer tomorrow.
Thanks to all who responded. I have 150lbs of ballast in car..
My front lower mount I used the universal mount, had to manufacture rear lower& both uppers.
I will send some pictures this week.
It handles quit stable now, After modifactions& adjustments.
Thanks again Dick

"TIP2: NEVER refer to your wife as ballast!" .....or "the monkey"!

I finally one with the sidecar,readjusted two in,& leanout. The car&tug aren't fighting each other now.
I installed a much heavier coil over spring on car shock,which can handle the bikes weight.
Getting used to riding with car. Right turns are still weird.
Have slight yaw if I accelerate rapidly.