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1st sidecar?

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883 has plenty of power, if you buy an 883 and latter you decide you "want" more power then you can always have the 1/2 inch larger pistons put in it making it a 1200, often still being money ahead over buying a 1200 . You live on an island, if you have to fight a heavy head wind where the extra power might be nice, so what you will get where you are going a minute or two  latter its not like you are going to be crossing Kansas fighting a head wind.

When we had a company 883 equipped with a Sputnik back in 1998 what I found was that 5th gear was pretty much worthless, however this was also the case with out the sidecar as such we just ran at a bit higher RPM on the freeway in 4th. In any event, the 883 more then likely will move the sidecar better then the Enfield you were looking at.


Jay G
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George Rahn, the long time BMW dealer and later a Royal Enfield dealer in Fairbanks, AK rode a 500cc Royal Enfield with a Cozy sidecar.  He almost always had his dog with him as he rode around town.  One day we were supposed to meet George for lunch at a place called Hilltop, but George did not show up.  When I called him he said his rig wouldn't make it up the grade to the cafe.

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883s can be built to produce a lot of power. Something you might keep in mind if you buy one and need more beans.

I am waiting on 5 deg trees to lighten the steering on my '79 Ironhead. Apples to oranges I know, but it has adequate power with a stage 2 S&S 72 cu in Stroker motor.

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