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1998 r1100gs w/2003 Ural sidecar w/100,000 miles

For sale




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davefranAceinSavReardan TomFlyingMonkeys

I especially liked the picture of the.....ah.....uh.....oh dang it I forget which of the invisible pictures I liked the most.

And all this for a low, low price of $ 1.00....or is that $ 100.00.....or possibly $ 1,000.00 ???????????????????????

BTW, for those that don't know, this sidecar rig for sale is LOCATED in Tuktoyuktuk, in the Northwest Territories, so IF you can get a flight into Inuvik, NWT, then hitch a ride with one of the locals, or a traveler to TUK....then you can do a ride home on this rig, but only in the Summer months.

Please ignore that it has a bicycle tire on each of the three wheels. It's been difficult to get the correct tires shipped up here to TUK, so I found these bicycle tires on some abandoned bikes that had been left up here in TUK, by travelers that decided to either swim or fly back home.

@Brian you get the point ?

Pictures, Price, and Location...please

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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

Seems like ad is missing a couple of details???

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Reardan TomFlyingMonkeys

I had the chance to contact Brian via the email link included in his post. As i suspected he was having difficulties making the website work as I have had in the past.

So I visited, tested and the rig is as stated in the listing title. It operates quite nicely with the 2 pedal brake setup to engage bike rear disc brake, sidecar drum brake or if clever with the foot both at the same time. Located near Battle Creek Michigan.

Unless someone is out there desperately wanting my ST1100 Hannigan Astro I'll be passing on Brian's rig even though it is more comfortable upright posture for me. Yes, email him for more information.

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Please read the instructions for posting in the Classifieds...

"If you are posting an ad you should clearly state the price, location, and any special terms including shipping, terms of sale (and escrow if it is offered). You do not have to be a paid USCA member to post ads here, but you do need to register as a user (menu at the top). Simply create a username and a password and you can post. Ads here work just like any other post - give it a descriptive subject line, then a complete description in the body of the ad. To add photos just click the "Choose File" button at the bottom and upload up to 10 pics."

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Try to reply to Brian about the bmw/Ural outfit.But cannot get his e-mail address to show up-can some one help me.Not the best one around computers.THANKS Mickey

Mickey, I see a little bubble in the lower right with the word Messages. I searched you and sent you a personal message there. I agree, not an easy to use website. I am somewhat astounded by the responses to Brian in an apparant lack of understanding that we have difficulties accessing the functionalities of this website.