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1997 Harley Softail Custom(FXSTC) w/ Motorvation Spyder


thanks for the information Dave.

Looking for some advice here. The bike/sidecar have not sold. I am considering separating the two and selling them separately. I'm curious as to what I might expect to get for the Motorvation Spyder?

I’m interested. Would you call me at 262-729-0101 to discuss?


I'm interested, also, but have some questions. As noted earlier, there's no lighting on the sidecar. Does the sidecar have brakes?

What mods were made to the bike to accept the sidecar or improve the performance/handling of the overall rig? Steering/front forks changed or are they stock? How difficult is the steering?

Thanks, Pat Murphy

Thanks for the interest, but the motorvation has been sold.

Thanks, but if you don't mind answering a few questions to help me with my sidecar project. I currently have a 2018 Softail Deluxe. The trail on the bike is ~5.7 or ~144mm. From the info I've read, that amount of trail would make the  motorcycle/sidecar steering "heavy, but stable". In addition, some people recommend beefing up the front fork shocks to handle the changes made by adding the sidecar. One can't tell by pictures, but it appears that your motorcycle front forks/shocks were stock and not modified. If not modified, how did the rig handle for you? As mentioned in my previous email, it looked like there were no brakes on the sidecar. If so, how did the rig stop/handle w/o them? Thanks in advance for you help. Best wishes, Pat Murphy