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1995 Harley Ultra Sidecar Incline/Normal Switch Question

I have a 1995 Harley Ultra Sidecar. On the upper left rear side of the sidecar, behind the seat, is a switch labeled "Incline / Normal."

I was wondering if anyone knows what this switch's function is for.  I have an owners manual for an older model of sidecar, which mentions nothing.  My motorcycle service manual also mentions nothing.

It is wired to something, but switching either way doesn't seem to make any noticeable change to the bike's handling.  I was unable to locate any information regarding this anywhere on the web.

Any information would satisfy my knowledge curiosity.



I know this is years past, but.

On my 95 TLE Ultra, that is so I can fold the seat and access the back of seat area for storage of groceries or clothing and no one knows its there so its kinda secure.