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1995 goldwing w/ champion escort

1995 GL1500 w/ champion escort. Price 6950.00  It’s been meticulously maintained by dealers is whole life.  I have pretty much all the service records since new. Im not the original owner but I’ve never seen a more documented & perfectly maintained rig. It’s ready to go anywhere now. In pristine condition.  I could help w/a fly & ride.  Im located in Hampton SC.  Mileage is 131000. Reason for selling is I’ve got 2 rigs  + motorcycles.  Major back surgery & im trying to thin the heard. Best to call or tex. Please no calls after 8:00 PM.  But you can call early if you like. Eastern std time. Varn. (8zero3) 94two- zero 7 one 7.  Thanks for looking.    

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that is a beautiful rig and at a good price

Good Luck with the sale, I hope the art work doesn't hamper it any 


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As far as the art work I don’t think it would be any issue to take it off.  ( I’m not crazy about it either but it was on there when I bought it). The original owner was a lady that had it for most of its life. She was a stickler on maintenance).  I can contact mountain man, the guy that put did the art work, an see if he can confirm.  This bike is loaded w/ extras.  Just put on a new windscreen at Daytona this year. Just did an oil change & final drive oil change. Good rubber. Lots of extras for the escort ( has the regular cover you see in picture as well as the convertible top & side plastics.). Loads of other stuff as well. 

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My wife and I stopped visited Varn to see this beautiful rig.  It is in great shape and runs very well.  It is a great rig at a fabulous price.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced rig, this would be an excellent choice.  Best, Jim

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Hi Varn

I PM’d you


 LOWERED PRICE.    LOWERED PRICE.              Ok, I’m lowering price on this great rig.  I thought I had an awesome price on it already but I’m lowering it by 500.00.  This rig is ready to go. I’ll assist w/ a fly & ride if you want.  So price now is at a crazy low of   6450.00.   LOWERED PRICE. (8zero3) 9 four 2- o7 one 7.  If your interested please call. I’m old school and just prefer to talk instead of tex👍   

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@varn-cummings, that new price is insanely and sidecar are worth every dollar of the original asking price.

Regarding the mileage on this bike, prospective buyers should NOT shy away from the 131,000 miles on this Goldwing 1500.                                                     The 1995 model year for the Honda Goldwing is one of the best model years for that bike.                                                                                                                        I know of many riders (myself included) that have put more than 100,000 miles on this...In ONE Year.                                                                                              I have seen many of these with well over 500,000 miles on them, and still running great.

If I was in the market for a quality sidecar rig...Shaft drive....Reverse....can easily fit a Car Tire to the rear wheel of the bike....this is one that I would not hesitate to do a Fly 'n Ride to go get it.

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