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1994 GL1500SE with California Sidecar Friendship I

Well, due to my wife's issues with bulging discs in her back, and hips that need replacing she can no longer climb in and out of this sidecar. The rig will sit in our garage for at least a year, or someone else can enjoy it. It's a 1994 GL1500SE with about 70K miles on it. We've owned it for about 5 years and hate to see it go, but hate even more to see it sit in the garage. I replaced the seat in the sidecar with a seat from a CJ5 Jeep so it's more comfortable than the stock seat. It has an almost new Austone Taxi tire on the pusher, but the front tire will need replacing soon. The sidecar comes with a convertible top and side curtains, but they are not installed. We're located in San Jose, Ca and we can possibly deliver this rig to a local buyer, within a reasonable distance, for a negotiable fee. We're thinking that $7500 is a good price, but we're willing to listen to offers so long as they are not insults! Contact us at Alan at Hepburn dot com if you're interested.

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