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SOLD: 1985 K100RT with an EML GTII sidecar for sale

SOLD: I have a 1985 K 100 with a EML GTII sidecar rig for sale. It has a new battery and front tire, the rest have low mileage.  The final drive is updated to a RS final drive to lower the RPM at highway speeds.  The saddle is a nice leather touring saddle for long rides. Comes with saddle bags and a tank bag.  The sidecar windshield has 2 vents, a basic cover for the seat and a full rain cover. The rig has 83,4XX miles on it, low mileage for a K bike. The rig is located near Minneapolis, MN. I can be contacted by phone or text at 763 568 2032. Starting at $7,000.  Ready for pick up or for you to have it shipped. 

Scott Lind

763 568 2032

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what did you get to replace it?


hi Dave,

I found the 2001 K1200LT  and EML that was on the cover of a BMWMOA  magazine back in 2001.  It is a land yacht compared to the 85, but I like it. Give me a call some time, I would like to catch up with you.  Thanks for asking


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