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1981 HD sidecar

Hello all,

I’m currently working on the installation of an 1981 HD sidecar on my 2008 HD Ultra Classic.
My project is about 80% complete and now having problems locating a few parts:

I am installing 1981 HD sidecar on my 2008 Ultra Classic. My project is about 80% complete and now just realizing I need some more parts.
If you have something I am looking for and know what year it came off of I will know if it will fit for my application. I am including OEM part numbers.

87114-93A Rear mount that mounts on the motorcycle.

70221-99 Adapter wiring harness for the motorcycle

Need all the parts for the reservoir for use with sidecar.

41804-82A reservoir

42354-99S reservoir mount

42370-97 hose

42457-95 master cylinder adapter


Mike G

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smitty901Reardan TomFlyingMonkeys

 Great project. Hope to see more of your progress.

Lot of work ahead of you. 2008 and 1981 had some major differences. Nothing you can not over come. Count on having to make parts.

I have A similar project , 01 HD road king / 01 HD factory sidecar.

NOT A EXPERT  but here is how I modified the rear brake master cylinder ( in order to make room for the front lower factory sidecar mount )

Remove master cylinder from bike , remove fluid reservoir from master cylinder and replace with adapter (the adapter was available from the dealer ,orderd

it from Ronnies.

Remote reservoir is a reservoir bought off E-bay ( believe it came off a 1990's electro glide )

Brake fluid hose from reservoir to master cylinder came from brake hoses unlimited (E-bay)

Mounted the reservoir to the cross bracket on the down tubes.

Found a very nice set of  factory sidecar mounts on E-bay ( paid big bucks , but felt lucky to have found what I needed )

Good luck with your project.