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1970 Watsonian Monaco II Restoration

Howdy all- New to the list (new to sidecars-- I just purchased a Triumph Bonneville with accompanying 1970 Watsonian Monaco II sidecar. The thing has been mistreated and is in need of a serious restoration. I wonder if folks might be able to point me towards old pics, elevation drawings, exploded axons, maintenance manuals, and contemporary parts dealers so that I can get working on doing an accurate restoration of thin thing.
Thanks all.

Should make a nice rig. We have a Watsonian Palma that has served us very well over the years. It is the same as the Manaco except for the trunk area.
If you go to ' and type in 'Watsoniam Sidecars'you will find some interestinglinks there.
Also contact Doug Bingham his number can be found at
There is also an ISOK and Skunk member,Kevin Hahn, who is working on a Monaco right now. See his site at:
Hope this helps some..

Hi Brice,
Yep, I'm also working on one of these hacks. All the info I have on these is also on my site that Claude posted. I haven't been working on it to much lately, been mostly working on the bike for it. If you have any questions I can try to answer them. Maybe you can answer a few questions for me too. Do you have any pictures of your new rig?