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1948 Indian Chief , sidecar info ??


Billy II

Try some of these contacts, If they don't have one maybe they would know of someone who may have the part or Rocky Halters number.

Bills old Bike Barn 570-759-9613

Starkelite Indian 951-968-3070

Kiwi Indian 951-780-5400

Iron Horse Corral 559-322-3327

Harbor Vintage 802-434-4040

So far I have been able to collect all the parts I need , with the exception of the rear mount and the s-bar connecting pipe. Fender from Iron Horse , step and fork links from Starklite, frame clevis from Jerry Greer, front mount from Michael Breeding, Paul @ Chief sidecars is no longer in biz. My contact in Poland has been on vacation , or something for the last 6 weeks or so. I have tried most of the above shops with the exception of Bill's and Harbor , I will give them a try.
If anyone is interested I have photos of the build on Face Book at Azzhole Garage . Or Richard H Thomas . I guess the cuss filter wont let me use the correct name of the shop, just use your imagination .

Found a rear mount on E-bay from India, about half the price and free shipping ! Had it in under a week ! I may have found some new best friends ! got the frame downsized to 48 specs and the tub installed for now. The frame connecting bar I have will just not work , It must be military , like a 841 ? or something weird. I got the wheel alignment pretty close because the rig will just roll out the shop door unless I chock it.
Photos included , if you click on them they will come out right otherwise lay your head sideways on the desk , I hae yet to figure this out !

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Billy, I truly believe you have brought something back from the dead. And a fabulous job also! Kudos to you....