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1948 Indian Chief , sidecar info ??


Hello to everyone , I'm new here and have a few questions on my 48 Chief. Now, I have had this sidecar body ,style SC, hanging o a nail in the shed for over 30 years. a few years latter I was able to find a nearly complete side car frame, it has also been the shed for about the same length of time.
Any way, i decided to repair the rust damage on the body , which is quite extensive, at the same time I drug the frame into the shop , the rust is one thing and it is coming along , although slowly. But I am learning a lot of stuff about the frame and its mountings . It seems I have something that is really out of the ordinary, while I know it's Indian , and also it is the 40-45 year mountings the main upper brace is way different.
Are there any Indian guys on the forum who can help me with a few questions ? Thanks !

Greetingz Billy!

I know nothing about Indian sidecars. I have only seen one in my days and it wasn't attached to a bike. I did a little Googling and found these guys:

Maybe they can help if you don't get the needed info here.

Thank you very much for the lead on the Indian side car parts , I also have found a few outfits that offer parts , one of which is in Europe , somewhere, I have not figured out exactaly where yet. I have printed out most of the information you found , and am getting a pretty good library with the help of guys like you , thanks again, Billy II

Here is a picture of the mounts on a friend of mines Indian. Maybe it will help. It would maybe help the rest of us to help you if we had an idea where you are located.

Thank you for the photo, it's a great looking job. I believe I have a plan for mounts. It will involve shortening the frame and using repopped mounts and S bar. This will bring everything into 48 Specs. If I ever get the body work done that is , I hate that stuff! Ulysses, if you see your friend soon, please ask if he needed to change the fork links to increase rake to compensate for the sidecar. AND I have added my location, and tried to put in an avatar, but can't seem to make it work . Anyway I'm in Sandy Utah , a suburb of Salt Lake City , Moved here from Northeast Ohio, couldn't stand the weather in good ol' Ohio .

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I'm not aware of any sidecar specific fork links for the Indians. You could check with Rocky Halter for more info. He's pretty knowledgeable on all things Indian.
Rocky's Antique Cycle: (330) 832-1989

Eric at Spartan Cycle just rebuilt a 48, I think. Someone there might know something. 586.684.3372

Rocky's number is no longer in service, Spartan is going to call back , so maybe some leads from them , thanks to all with the leads !
got the tub pretty well done , a new fender is on it's way , and wheel bearings . If I could find that rear mount , I'd be a happy camper !

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Cool. Eric is the owner, he isn't there all the time, so it might be longer than a service guy would take. Looking nice, though. 🙂

That restoration job is impressive. You do good work.