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18th Thunder Mountain Rendezvous The Other Hotchkiss Rally

So for those who missed the national or just want to come ride Colorado in the Fall we are having our:

18th Thunder Mountain Rendezvous

September 16, 17 ,18, 2022 BMW Riders of Western Colorado Rally register online at

Come on out and ride the mountains of Colorado during the fall colors. This is our BMW club rally but it is open to everyone and we are trying to get this incorporated into a Fall sidecar rally also.

Location is the fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, CO with all of the amenities of the Rigs in The Rockies National rally. The ladies of the Elks Lodge will be doing Saturday breakfast and dinner, the same folks that brought you the breakfast and dinner for the sidecar national. Camping in the park and RV camping will be the same as the sidecar national.

Same scenery just different:




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Looks like we have a few sidecars planning on showing up. I will be at the Flint Hills rally and then a quick turnaround so I can make it back home for the next Hotchkiss rally the following weekend. They did finish the road construction in town and the county fair just finished up at the fairgrounds so now they are starting the roto-mill on Hwy 92 from Hotchkiss up to Crawford so that will be a ride to avoid. Plenty of other rides to do though.

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