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17 inch front tire options

I’ve got a BMW R1200r with a DMC sidecar and a front wheel extender.  It’s eaten through the original Michelin Pilot Road 5 in no time and I can’t find a 17 inch front sidecar tire.  I’m considering an ME888 due to its potential tread life, but would love to know if there are better options. Wheel is Specd for a 120/70-17 but there is room for something larger in the fenderwell. 

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What is the best 17" tire for a sidecar?

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Others have used 17" rear tires - do a search here and on ADV forum - hacks - 

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Michael Boeglin

Hi, @michael-boeglin. Your sidecar looks cool! 

Best regards!

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Michael Boeglin

 Think out side the box. You have a 17 inch wheel , options are limited.  I will briefly give an example.  18 inch rear wheel 180/55B18 tire.

Tall narrow sidewall.  I wanted a car tire on it and No 18 inch would work.   I wanted to keep the tire height as close to the stock tire as I could.

The answer was change to 16 inch wheel and a 195/65R16 tire.   Results was with in 2/10's of an inch of factory tire and wheel in height and 1/2 inch wider. Works prefect.   Use this as you search.  Put in size you have and what you want to compare.

My rig is larger and heavier Current front tire has 8,000 miles on it and still good. 130/70B18

 Good luck Your rig looks great