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16,264 miles - There is Life After Alzheimer's Disease

In 2012 when my wife began to show more and more decline into the abyss of Alzheimer's disease, I was riding my Kawasaki 2 wheeler.
When a guy pulled out in front of me with his pick up truck I laid it down to avoid hitting him.
No injuries, but I thought, if I would have broken a leg Lois would be going to a nursing home because I couldn't take care of her.
I was the primary care giver, with support from my six kids, and with the help of a sidecar I was able to care for her in our home until she passed away.
I took the bike home and thought my riding days were over.
A friend said, "You don't have to quit riding, put a sidecar on that thing."
That's where my three wheel ride began.
When Lois passed away in March of 2014, the kids said, "What are you going to do now Dad?"
I said "I think I'll go for a little ride."
Leaving Helena, Montana on September 27th of 2014 I did an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000-1 to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1,044 miles in 21 and 1/2 hours. I was an Iron Butt rider!
From the Twin Cities I rode on to Washington DC, Key West, Florida, Houston Texas (where the Houston Chronicle did a front page story about the old guy on the bike) and then on to San Jose, California and then back to Orlando, Florida.
This was an epic adventure for an 80 year old sidecarist and one I plan on repeating as soon as cold Montana weather sends me south on a quest for warm weather.
The sidecar has changed my life and at every gas stop and rest area has brought me new friends.
From Sept. 27, 2014 to March 30th of 2015 when I arrived back home in Helena, I logged 16,264 miles. An epic adventure for an old guy who loves to ride.
I've written the first 14,000 words of my book, "The Longest Ride - Reimagining Life After Alzheimer's" It should be on in a couple of months.
I kept a BLOG along the way.
If anyone is interested in reading more about the ride you'll find it at
THANKS to all of you for making your sidecar adventures available and for all of your combined experience that has been so very helpful to an old guy getting started on his new ride.
Be Fantastic
Del Lonnquist


It's one long day's ride from Helena to Sturgis, SD... should be nothing for you. Maybe you'd consider coming to the USCA National Rally in Sturgis June 25-28 OR.. If you've mind to, a few of us are meeting up in Gardiner, MT on Sunday evening, June 21 and riding around Yellowstone, over to Red Lodge and then on to Sheridan to arrive at the USCA Rally on Thursday evening. It looks like a good group is going and we'd welcome the company. There's always room for one or two [or three or five] more.

For more details on the trip starting in Gardiner see the thread staring here:

Hi Del:
I recognize your name from your pre-registration. I have only one person from Helena - it must be you.
You have discovered a great therapy for what you and your family have been through.
It will be great to visit with you at the rally. Your story will be a great read.

Thanks Al, Looking forward to seeing you at Sturgis, if not at Gardiner

I am looking forward to meeting you all at Sturgis.
Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together
Be Fantastic
Del Lonnquist