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1100 Honda Shadow a good sidecar ride?


I've got a 1999 1100 Honda Shadow ACE. Liquid cooled, shaft drive, 1100cc, v-twin, all stock, about 50K on the odometer and it's running fine. I love it and do long multi state solo trips annually.

I've got a 1,400+/- mile trip coming up and rather than go solo I'm considering taking my 8 year old in a sidecar. Is this a stupid idea? I also wonder if a sidecar might be handy for carrying extra gear on long solo trips?

Any suggestions as to the best sidecar match? Cheap is good. Used is ok. Luxury (within reason) isn't a big deal. I live in Minnesota but can pick one up elsewhere.

My main concern is that it's not too hard to mount it and the bike handles ok when it's mounted.

Never ridden a sidecar except 5 minutes with a Ural in a parking lot (with my kid!). Any advice will be appreciated.

First I would like welcome you to the world of sidecaring. I think the Shadow 1100 makes a great tug but that maybe because I ride one. I have a Velorex 565 mounted on mine and I have seen other cars mounted to the 1100. What car is right for you is personal. I also think taking your 8 year old is fine after you get some time on the rig and you will have a lot more room for gear. There are some free books here on driving sidecars and if there is a school near you take a class.

A Velorex 563 Tour or 565 Tour would a good quality affordable car that comes with all factory accessories and is in stock now with no lead time needed between ordering and shipping. You could self install or have a pro do it.

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I have a 2004 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 with a Texas Sidecar Ranger mounted. I love it. The styles really fit each other in my opinion. The Honda also has a 15" rear wheel and I have a 165/80-15" car tire mounted on it. Lot's more rubber on the road. It looks like I could fit a 185/65-15 to it. The tire would be .59 inches wider than stock, but it would lower the gearing a little. I only have 1300 miles on my present tire so it will be a while. It shows no sign of wearing out soon. My wife likes the Ranger, but getting in and out takes a little doing, because you have to go in from the top.

shadowjoe - 5/12/2010 8:15 PM

I've got a 1,400+/- mile trip coming up and rather than go solo I'm considering taking my 8 year old in a sidecar. Is this a stupid idea?

Others have answered your pressing questions shadowjoe but no one has addressed this one. Anyone who asks if taking kids or dogs along in a sidecar is a stupid idea and expects anything other than a positive answer should perhaps ask on a different forum than this one!! lol... You'll have more fun and make more memories than you ever dreamed possible. And your kid will grow up with precious memories and be a better person for it. You're onto something good here, guaranteed!!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Actually I see Richard McClure did answer your question but now you have my 2 bits as well...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Keep in mind, 15 inch motorcycle wheels are larger diameter then 15 inch automotive wheels. This has been covered many other places on this forum in detail.
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I ride a 97 ace 1100 with a champion legend car I have it set up good and it pulls along well it makes a great tug. I run a car tire on tug. you will hear a lot of ney say about that but I have no problem with it. cast rim should be cut down are you take a chance of blowing up tire. trust me I know. good luck you.will
have a good time. for got to mention I put 02 sabra cast wheels on.

In what way do you mean cutdown?

go to general discussions lath down rim you will see. what Im talking about. rim is o.112 bigger on motorcycle on 15" rims