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1.45 x 10" sidecar tire replacement

I'm struggling to find 1.45 x 10" sidecar tire replacement for my '75 Watsonian sidecar. The tire needing replacement is a Michelin, but they don't carry this size anymore. Does anyone know where I can find this atypical tire size? Thanks!

Have you tried They have a lot of oddball stuff. If your hub/axle is somewhat standard, perhaps you can upsize your wheel.

A 1.45 x 10 ? Sorry, you sound like a troll. Do you have a picture of this alleged tire?

Because, readers, a 1.45 tire would be a width found on a bicycle, and not a "fat tire" bicycle either. And a 10 inch diameter? Really, post a picture if you would have us believe this.

Maybe, just maybe, I might believe you if you said it was a 145x10. But not a 1.45x10.

You're likely right that it's a 145. I'll post a few older pics now and get a photo of the sidewall next week. Thanks.

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Thanks. This might be it.

If you want a 145R10, there are a half dozen eBay sellers that ship various European tires that fit old Mini-Coopers.

Or you could buy that steel-belted radial from Camac that sells for $70 shipped on eBay.

But I think I'd go for the Vredestein Sprint Classic. Costs a little more ($92 from Performance Plus Tires) [LINK] but it's a nice looking hunk of rubber.

Bear in mind that a 145R10 is the same size as a 145HR10 or 145SR10 or a 145/80-R10.

Wow, thanks! I really appreciate the guidance and the link. Problem solved.

The last time I needed a 145R10 I got it from Coker or Lucas but that was 2 sidecar and 23+ years ago. It was a Michelin. I bet it was a low volumn product that Michelin got tire of making. There is a 3rd company out there that stocks oddball European tires - Is it Universal. Google it.

Back when I had the Watsonian Palma I always had one spare just in case. After a while we converted it to run a 12" wheel due to the tires being more available. This can be done with some effort.

Great idea to order two.