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06 Harley Ultra Rear Tire


foodog2 - 3/6/2013 9:50 PM

Not sure of the number but it will be a woods cam.  The builder worked with woods' and Bob Wood was there this weekend giving input on what components to use.  The plan is a TC88 case with a TC96 crank and a 103 top end including head work.  The left bearing will be upgraded to timken as well as the new cam drive.  They were talking about all sorts of stuff and honestly I am not technical or a gear head.   I just asked for a reliable engine to pull the hack without a problem 50-80 mph all day long.  If the stock was good enough I would have gotten a HD reman for close to the same price.

Are you going to run a Harley crank and another brand? I hope another brand if not let me tell you about Harley cranks and why you need to send it to a crank builder.

I do not build the pressed cranks yet but working on it. I can do what ever is needed to Evo and earlier cranks including but not limited to disassemble, rebuild the rods, balance, assemble and true. One day I will be doing this to pressed cranks. A HD re-manufacturer motor is not any where as good if done properly is MUCH better then the reman!!!!!! After riding and working on Harley s for 42 years I will NEVER buy another new one! The cranks are poor to say the least!

Glade to see you are going with the MUCH better Timken bearing HD ran basically from 1955 to 2002. I all so have the equipment to install Timken bearings in 2003 and up.

I am not trying to get any work from you just want to give good advice on how to get a reliable motor. What happen to yours? Let me make a guess the crank, cam plate pinion bushing and oil pump all cause by the crank?

If you would like any advice I will be glade to help you. I would make sure the cam they are talking about is a good low to mid torque cam.
Keep us posted.

The inner can bearing came apart and ate up the case. I think that's it. The dealer is giving me a new case with my vin from HD and crank because the bike was used and lasted 45 days. The builder will balance weld and true the crank before it goes back in. I was going to buy an aftermarket crank but when the dealer had a change of heart about helping the builder said take the free crank it would be OK once balanced with the timken.

Hope the crank builder is not going to run the late rods where at the wrist pin bushing is tapered so bad.

Are they going to install timken bearings on both the case cam bearings and the motor sprocket shaft on the fly wheels?

My I ask who is building your motor and the crank?

Long story why Harley cranks are junk since 2003 and why there are so many problems. If you any one would like top know just say something. That is why I am so happy I have a 02 last year for the timken bearings on the motor sprocket shaft and the last year of forged cranks.

I hope it ends up being all you want and last forever!

sorry i forgot to reply, he made the comment that harley used lawnmower rods and they have to be replaced on the new crank. seems odd a brand new crank has to come apart ans be put back together but i trust the guy.