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Profile: Reardan Tom

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Tom Wells
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Seen 5 days ago
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July 7, 2005
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M/C touring, vintage tractors, M/C touring, projects in my shop, M/C touring, photography, M/C touring, computers, M/C touring, and oh yeah, riding my motorcycle. Particularly with my dog Archie since Barb quit riding with me... Update- Archie died in 2010. A few months later I got Henry. Henry didn't really care for riding in the sidecar but he'd do it because I wanted him to. His thrill in life was chasing cars and chasing coyotes. Chasing cars was his downfall. Then I found Petey in the same shelter that Archie and Henry were at. Petey loves to ride as much as Archie did. That was 2012 Petey became my good sidecar sidekick. The adventure continues.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom
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