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WTB Harley Sidecar for 2005 Harley UC

Looking for a Harley sidecar to fit a 2005 Harley UC.


I have an 07 ultra sidecar. What are you willing to pay? I bought it new in 07. Its currently attached to a 2016 Ultra Classic. You can txt me at six one eight-806-5505 I am in the St Louis area.





I have one that is fitted on my 2002 ultra. Selling side car or bike and combo only...please text 252-646-6105

side car /California sidecar Friendship II.  It came off a Honda 1978  750. I have those fittings also $5200.00

complete package Harley with side car 4800o miles.   $12500.00

we are in Coco Beach Florida 

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