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WTB: California Sidecar Frendship parts

Ill looking for a windshield and convertible top and Harley mounting brackets and hardware. I would like to have the brackets for a sportster and ultra classic so I can switch it between the bikes.

Email me @ ohlero at msn dot com
or text me at 443 two three five 810 five.

We make the mounts for both bikes providing that they are newer the the mid 1980's however switching back and forth is not all that practical as you will have to align it every time. We also have billet triple tree's for both bikes to lower the steering effort with the sidecar and for the Ultra we also offer a plug in wiring harness for the lighting so that you will not have to splice into the bikes harness. The windshield can be purchased from The top will have to be made as even if you were to find a used one as they were hand fitted the snaps if you have them on your body will not line up.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

gustufsons plastic in florida has the windshields for aprox $220.00, any upolstry shop can fabricate you a top,..the installers here can certainly find you the bits and pieces to hook it up,..good luck, crawf.