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Watsonian Palma for sale

Not sure what year it is and it does need a cosmetic restoration but it is a tandem seater. It has mounts as well.

I believe it was last mounted to a BMW slash 2 but the previous owner passed away so I have no confirmation of this.

It's located in Southern Nevada. Seems to be pretty rare as I have never seen another like it. The front seat is in remarkably good condition.

I don't have the rear seat cushion. It has a wrap around windshield, and remnants of a canvas top which could be used as a pattern I guess.

Looking for best offer over $1700. Also have an old Sputnik sidecar for sale

Uploaded files:
  • Watsonian-tandem-seat-sidecar-rt-front.jpg
  • Watsonian-tandem-seat-sidecar-rear.jpg
  • Watsonian-tandem-seat-sidecar-left-side.jpg
  • Watsonian-tandem-seat-sidecar-rear-seat-compartment.jpg
  • Watsonian-tandem-seat-sidecar-front-seat.jpg