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SOLD - Watsonian Cambridge w/ 5 Point Mount - Denver, CO - $2000 - SOLD

3/14/19 UPDATE: This sidecar has sold.

Watsonian Cambridge - Denver, CO - $2000

Solid sidecar in good mechanical condition. Suspension appears good. Shock has been replaced with an OEM Honda GL1100 air shock. Paint is cosmetically ok though has blemishes and a dinged fender. Top is good though weathered. Plexiglass is aged and showing stress. Fiberglass appears solid including the floor. Trunk lid is missing the original handle. Included is an aftermarket handle that will fit. There is a copper airline running from the air shock to a connector on the mounts to hook to a motorcycles air system like those found on Goldwings. Some battery cables are included for wiring a trunk mounted car battery to a motorcycle's electrical system.

With the sidecar is a five point mounting attachment. It is currently adjusted for a 1981 to 1983 Honda Goldwing GL1100. The sidecar mounts as they are could be pushed up to a GL1100 and bolted on in short order. The mounts could be setup for other tubular steel framed motorcycles though mounting adjustment and some custom hardware on the motorcycle may be required. See pictures for details.


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More pictures.

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Final pictures.

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This sidecar has sold.