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Wanted: Velorex swingarm

I'm trying to do a trailer wheel upgrade similar to Lonnie Cook's idea. He helped me a little before he passed away, but I didn't have too much advice from him, may he rest in peace.

So basically, I've discovered what not to do and ruined my swingarm. Short of rebuilding it completely, I would like another, and it doesn't matter much what shape the axle is in, because I'm changing that out anyhow. If anyone has one they'd be willing to part with, please let me know.

I'm already talking with a couple of gentlemen on this site who do the whole conversion, but not quite the way I want. I know, I'm picky, but if I'm going to convert it, I might as well convert it the way I like. Not that there's anything wrong, mostly just I already bought more than half the parts before I screwed it up, and their parts won't match up.

I rebuild mine the same way as you are then started to make one from 1/4 steel about 3/4 way done need a little more machine work that as I was not able to get done due not able to work in a machine shop I was a machinist for over 40 year's so it is done rite and strong if you want it it for sale till around 3;00 pm Tue 3-20-2018 then it goes free with the sidecar that is sold as it is on the bike.
Let me know if you want it cheep by noon Tue 3/20 at

Probably! I replied to your PM. 3/4 done is kind of vague, but yes it sounds like what I could use, do you have a picture? PM me what you want for it, cheap is always nice. 🙂