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Wanted: Ural 2007 - 2013, mid-Atlantic region

Hey fellow riders -
I live just south of DC and am looking for a Ural in the 2007 - 2013 date range. My budget is $8K. Actually, any sidecar rig would do, as long as the sidecar has a brake and the bike has a reverse gear/function. If it is a Ural, I don't need the 2WD,but that's not a deal breaker; I just need the bike to get around town these days. I had a back injury and had to sell my Big Honda and cannot go pushing any rigs backwards into the garage; hence, I need three wheels and reverse. But no trikes or Can-Ams; sidecars are way cooler. I have a 250 mile range which means I get as far north as Philadelphia and as far south as Raleigh (NC) to see/buy/pick it up.

Anybody out there have a rig that meets my specs?
Thanks (and ride safe)
Ed Herbert
Fredericksburg, VA