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Wanted: TLE for 1985 FLTC

Hi y'all,

Im just kicking the tires at the moment, but I have a house that's about to sell, and about to start a new job, feeling confident in the future, so I'm putting the feelers out there!

As I said in the heading, I have an '85 Tour Glide Classic, and I want a matching year.  I don't have firm budget numbers yet, but I'm expecting to be in the neighborhood of $7,000.

I have looked at new, aftermarket rigs, and even found a few I really like, but ultimately, I bought the '85 because that's the year I was born, and I won't rest until I match the sidecar.  It's a pet project, after all.

My FLTC is candy blue (I think, see photo), mostly original, and unrestored.  A blue tub would be preferred, but the key is the year.

I would be willing to consider a complete rig, but prefer not to have to list and sell another bike.  I have neither the space nor the use for another bike.




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Did the Motor Company even put year designations on their sidecars?  Some of you Harley guys speak up.

There's one for sale on eBay right now, has a VIN from '89.

My point of contact is

Quote from Al Olme on January 14, 2020, 11:53 am

Did the Motor Company even put year designations on their sidecars?  Some of you Harley guys speak up.

Absolutely. On factory rigs, the tub frame was stamped.

My 1970 can be seen below, where 70-xxxx can be seen on top the right frame tube. The number does not exactly follow other serial numbers that I've seen on other tubs of the era, but is close to what is typically seen on pre- '70 tubs. I am of the belief that this particular tub was purchased and stamped by the receiving dealership to pair with a customer's existing bike, trying to follow what HAD been the serial format prior to 1970.

My understanding is that in 1970 the factory changed the serial # format to a coded date format, similar to the bikes.

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Drew Gray

Hey folks, just an update. 


We sold our house, but we didn't get as much as we hoped.  I guess buyers were more patient than we could be.  The point is, it doesn't look like I'll be in position to make a purchase for the next 6-12 months.  I'm not giving up, it's my pet project, after all.  In the meantime, if you reach out to me, I'll save your info and check in with you once I'm finally ready.  




Hey folks, 


I just want to touch base with y'all and say that I am looking seriously once again.  Right now, my best case scenario is most likely under $4K.  As a reminder, I'm really looking for a model year 1985 to match my '85 FLTC.  Color is really not important anymore.  The bike took a tragic scratch to the fairing in a move, and I have to get a new saddlebag lid because mine came off on a cross country ride (developed an intake leak on the same trip, when it rains it pours!), so the bike needs paint, anyway.  


Happy trails,