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Wanted......sub frame for a 2002 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police


if you guys were in the southeast, I'd call you rednecks! 😀

Gordon in NC - 3/3/2017 3:23 PM

Okay.....that's just beautiful!!!! There's a lot of folks that would just shake their heads at that set up but I have too admire that "can do" attitude and the thinking out of the box. Perfect.

I've just spent an hour on Velorex UK.....reading and taking in all I can. (again) I've written them a long email explaining what I want to do and I'm looking forward to their reply.

Take care and THANK YOU Lonnie for sharing those photos.

Gordon in NC

it would have been funnier if there was video of him riding it up onto there. 😀

My bet is Lonnie has to have some southern blood in the family tree???.......somewhere along the line.

Here's what kills me......2-6x6s, 1-4x4 and 1- 2x6 all the perfect size. I bet ya $20 he didn't even have to cut them. And......propped up on a get the chair on the trailer????? That is genius.

He'd fit right in here in Wilkes County.....heck, if he makes moonshine too, he could be mayor.

I'm not kidding, I LOVE IT!


PS, Velorex says to NOT mount one of the older units 560/562 on a bike over 357.74 lbs and or over 28HP. My 1967 B44VR is right at the limit weight wise. I have one of Lonnie's axle/wheel up grades and used it when I hauled one of my other bikes on the chair's frame. When I was done, I went back to the stock set up because I like the spoke wheel better. Velorex says the newer UK units have a stiffer frame and larger axle so the rules change.

Big Island Hawaiian and Pennsylvania Dutch, but here I was using Norski steam power.


Hack'n - 3/3/2017 6:37 PM

Big Island Hawaiian and Pennsylvania Dutch, but here I was using Norski steam power.


Well......must have been from SOUTH KAU.


Are you sure? I even see duct tape being used! 😀

Jay, I told you I was listening to you. I've been looking closely at the Sputnik and I have to admit I like it. Has some features that would come in handy. I have to openly admit.....even though I'm not on a "tight" budget I don't own/ride any motorcycles that are worth any $$$$. Most of my stuff runs well, looks okay from 20' but is a bit ratty. So "good used" would be what I'm looking for in a sidecar for the KZ.....can't see spending more money on the chair than the tug.

Heck......I'm the guy who made saddle bags out of cheapo 16 gallon Coleman coolers as a joke and have ended up using them for and on. can't take the redneck out of a man. OR......better yet, since I was born and raised in Northern Florida....I'm considered a "Cracker".

But a good used Sputnik would fit the bill, not require any mods and look pretty good (IMO) on this bike.

Thanks for the help......Gordon in NC

"It ain't a holiday without duct tape and firearms" and I may be brothers from another mother! My concours leading link is about the same grade of "looking ok from 20 feet". we'll have to get together sometime soon!

ncdave - 3/4/2017 9:32 AM

Gordon.... we'll have to get together sometime soon!

Yes we will my new good thing about having me around is.....when I park my bike next to makes your bike look SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!

Working on 1998 CB250 (daughter's) tires, beads, chain and oil, 1967 BSA C25 purchased as "mostly done" but I have been working and throwing money at it for is the day it "could" finally be finished except for paint for the tank and the new to me KZ1000 Police....just going over it to see what needs to be done and to wipe some of the dust off of it.......going to be a busy weekend.

Funny thing is......all I can think about is a sidecar for the Police bike......damnit.

Cheers........Gordon in NC