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Wanted some mounting hardware and other for 2002 Velorex 562

I'm in Hazel Dell area of Vancouver, WA USA. I have a 2002 Velorex 562, that I am sort of helping an old friend sell off, but has a couple missing mounting to a bike pieces. I thought I would see the cost and availability to obtain these pieces to make a more bolt on ready to use package someone could purchase.
I'm also contemplating keeping this for myself so there is an incentive there also. I keep telling myself that as my wife rolls her eyes, yet at the moment I don't have anything to attach this to, but own a $2K medical bill.
I have the attachment kit parts list that I looked over the parts that are here and basically it appears that two frame clamp assemblies that go on the bike are missing.
Also one long and one short strut assembly; you know, the black tube with a "U" end that a bolt goes thru at the car frame eye bolt, and the silver threaded adjustable part that has the "U" end that a bolt goes thru to the frame clamp eye bolt. Then there is a lock nut on those threads.
Also nice to have would be the windshield mounting screws, as this has a windshield just not mounted.
Also want a tonneau cover for when traveling with no one riding in the car.
Also need the compartment lock assembly. The lock assembly that is supposed to lock the back of the seat in place to make a lockable compartment behind the seat.
PM or 503-791-3171

While we do not have any Velorex specific parts, we do offer proper bike specific NOT universal mounting hardware and are just up the road in Enumclaw.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

Hi; I've been in there before I believe, about 10 years ago I was working on a second opinion and having you check a red scooter with a Texas sidecar from Gig Harbor/Purdy, and exploring trike options, neither went anywhere because of a divorce. I definitely understand it's better for bike specific rather than universal, like a one size fits all shirt generally means one size fits no one correctly.
An experienced person would just buy the sidecar and get it mounted professionally or know how to mount one.
The bottom line at this time was to try and have a more sellable item as a bolt on and go, with enough mounting components. If I keep it and use it I will get it done correctly but if not, I may just lower the price of the sidecar to get it out of here before I get attached to it myself. When I saw two similar listed for $1300 and $1900, and even one of them doesn't have all the mounting hardware, I thought going under that might spark some interest.
Will keep you in mind, thanks..

I have new frame U-clamp ass'ys and a complete long strut with Eye bolt.