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wanted sidecar

I am in the market to buy a champion, hannigan, motorvation, or any other real good rig that would look good attached to a 2002 harley heritage. I am in Pa. for a few months and would be willing to travel up to 500 miles for the right one. Call 863-287-6150 Dan


Two things...

1. If you are in PA anyway, make a trip out to see Claude Stanley at Freedom Sidecars in Middleburg, Pa. You can call ahead at (570) 837-5120.

2. Consider coming to the USCA National Rally in Corning, NY July 27 - 30. I know PA isn't a tiny state but you will seldom get the opportunity to see as many different sidecar rigs, talk with owners about their experiences or ask genuine experts questions about sidecars. For more info go to