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Wanted GL1800 with Hannigan sidecar

FOUND ONE! THANKS! THIS CAN BE DELETED Looking for 1800 with Hannigan sidecar. Consider all years but probably in the 2003 thru 2010 range. Color not really an issue. If you know of one, see one, or have one, give me a call. 816-309-3395 Thanks, Jim DeJarnatt

Jim - here is a really nice one I was looking at. It is not a Hannigan - but still very nice:

Did you ever receive a response to this? I have been looking online for a great rig for some time now... They are hard to come by...

I found one in Little Rock. And yes, they are difficult to locate. I found it on craigslist. I discovered that you can change the city where you are searching, so.... I just kept changing major cities and found this one fairly close. There is one in the Austin area, a Goldwing 1800 with a Hannigan Astro. You can call him to see if he still has it. He is going to the National rally in Sturgis and plans to have it there, also. Date of this post is 5/7/2015