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Wanted Bob Ballou side car rig

Looking for complete set up of a Bob Ballou side car rig.

Bill Ballou is not aware of any of his designed sidecars for sale. If you are looking for a sidecar with center hub steering, car tires, sway bar, etc. contact Jay. See the below links.


Bruce were you at the vintage sidecar racers in Milllville, NJ this past summer? I remember seeing a CB750 outfit with an offset engine. I usually forget a name but never forget a sidecar outfit. Wife and I were on ST1100 EZS outfit and were hanging out with Pete Essaff and Ken Kyler.

I was at the NJMP races in July of 2015. This past riding season was a bummer after breaking my right ankle June 20th which curtailed my riding for most of the summer.

Keep looking it took me 3 years to find mine I wanted the same thing and I found one good luck to you

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That is a very nice looking rig docsflyhog. Do you mind identifying the bike and car?

Bike is a k 1200 GT sidecar is an ezs made in Belgium I really like the bike I saw two them at a national rally in Arkansas a few years ago it took me 3 years to find one for sale that I could afford mister ballou's name is Bill he was extremely helpful with me I couldn't be more pleased with the bike I've owned a few side cars and can't believe how Superior this is anything that I've owned wish you the best of luck have a good day. doc